Five on Friday


Feature.  I was featured here yesterday!  Be sure to check it out.


Valentine’s Day. Y’all I am SO excited about Valentine’s Day!  Cam and I have booked a hotel for Saturday night.  We are in much need of some time alone.  As of now the plans are a tex mex restaurant called Esparza’s.  We haven’t been before but are excited to try it out!  Then we plan on taking advantage of one of the hotel’s amenities, the indoor pool!  Then in the morning we are eating breakfast at the hotel.  After that we plan on doing something with Allison.  Any ideas?


School. Two tests down, an online test, a project and a report later I survived my own personal hell week.  Now I’m just hoping for good grades.  Like what type of twisted fate decided to have all this happen at once??


FitBit.  Wednesday I had a great workout.  I was so excited to see how many steps I had taken.  I was walking out of the studio.  I pull up my phone and open the app.  Nothing.  NOTHING WAS THERE.  My FitBit was on my wrist though.  I couldn’t figure out what was wrong.  I unfortunately left my Fibit on the charger.  I promise you, it felt like my whole work out was for nothing.  Well, I got over it and hopefully my FitBit will make it to the gym with me today!


TGIT. Scandal, Greys, and How to Get Away with Murder are back! Let me tell you, I have been excited about all these shows coming back since they went away.  Now I haven’t gotten a chance to catch up on all of them so no spoilers please. 🙂

Getting Ready

Happy wedding wednesday y’all!  When picking my photography package, I knew I wanted getting ready photos.  Personally, I love how these all turned out.  I admit I felt a little silly when the photographer goes, pretend like you are putting on make up but it was definitely worth it!  I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I do.

Five on Friday


Super Bowl.  The super bowl is on Sunday. Yay! #not Really though, my team isn’t in this but it was expected.  My team is the Cowboys.  I can blame my dad for my die hard loyalty.  Hopefully they will do better next  year.  What I am looking forward to is the wonderfully awful food.  The cheese dip is calling my name!

School. Study, study, project, project, test, test.  Unfortunately the previous sentence is completely accurate.  School has unfortunately picked up.  This upcoming week I have two projects and 2 test due on the same day.  Wish me luck, I need “A”s sent my way!

Exercise.  I have successfully conquered two weeks of exercise.  I am so proud of myself.  I really hope I can keep it up.  An exercising post will be coming y’alls way soon!

Phone.  My 64gb phone unfortunately hit full storage.  It might have to do with the 16000 or so pictures I had.  I am now down to 11000.  I do have all my pictures saved on my computer but for some reason I can’t bring myself to delete them from my phone. #firstworldproblems

The Bachelor.  Spoiler alert if you haven’t watched this weeks episode.  I’m really hoping that Ben takes Olivia’s rose away.  Like who makes a comment about Amanda being on teen mom?  She is crazy.

What are y’all plans this weekend?

Allison’s Boutique Birthday

Sorry for the crappy lighting in the pictures but I’m really happy with how Allison’s whole party turned out!  He party took place on December 12th.  At the time she was obsessed with Minnie Mouse.  One time she watched Minnie’s bowtoons for a hour and a half.  Like what?  Something held her attention for more than 5 whole minutes??  The centerpieces were all done by me.  I definitely got my inspiration for this party from pinterest.  I knew I didn’t want a black and pink birthday party.  For her last party she had a winter onederland which I decided to do in pink, black and silver so I didn’t want to repeat the same colors.  I ended up going with bright colors.  Pops of pink, purple, green and turquoise is what I ended up gravitating for.  Most decor was bought from hobby lobby, oriental trading company, and the dollar tree.

boutique invitation












Thoughts for Thursday

Reception Decor

Reception Entrance

My mom actually made the card box.  It turned out so well.  I’m really impressed.  If you would have seen how it started, you would have been worried because I know I was.  The card box was really important because we asked for no gifts.  We were not in need of any house hold essentials.  We just wanted money to put towards our honeymoon.

The lovely guest seating chart that I slaved over that hardly no one used.  We I saw I revised it about 20 times I’m not even kidding.  But honestly the day of, I wasn’t even worried about it.  The chart looked pretty which was all that mattered, ha!

Wedding hashtag -> #happilyevernichols

Sweetheart Table

I was so happy with the way this centerpiece turned out.  Of all places market street made it!  It really is beautiful and just what I wanted.

Table Decor

All the gold glass ware and vases on the table were spray painted by most of the bridal party.  I think they turned out pretty good if I do say so myself.

All bridesmaids received wine glasses with their names on it.

I made this but don’t definitely took the saying off pinterest. #sorrynotsorry

The flowers were bought from costco in bulk.  They consisted of white hydrangeas and light pink roses.  By the time we arrived at the venue, everything went by super quickly.  Honestly if it weren’t for my dad, one of Cameron’s uncles, and my mother in laws friend, the centerpieces would not have been put together.  My flowers were left in the hands of three men.  They were literally taking them out of the plastic bags, cutting the stems with their pocket knifes, and then sorting them in the vase.  I really do think they did a great job.

Dessert Table

Chocolate cake with caramel (I think) filling.

I believe most of the glassware if from hobby lobby.  All the pink candy was bought from different places.

I seriously got hired the best bakery ever.  During her cake tasting she set out 6 different cake flavors and several different fillings.  One of the cakes she happened to have out was carrot cake.  Cameron and I both don’t even like carrot cake but went ahead and tried it.  It was so good!  I swear she could make any dessert taste good.  She literally is the baker fairy.


Venue: The Chapel at Ana Villa

Cakes, cookies, macaroons, and cake pops: The Jenny Layne Bakery

Cake topper: Better Off Wed

Flowers: Market Street for sweetheart table and rest of the tables were DIY

Chargers: Michael’s

To Travel & Beyond

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