Five on Friday


Super Bowl.  The super bowl is on Sunday. Yay! #not Really though, my team isn’t in this but it was expected.  My team is the Cowboys.  I can blame my dad for my die hard loyalty.  Hopefully they will do better next  year.  What I am looking forward to is the wonderfully awful food.  The cheese dip is calling my name!

School. Study, study, project, project, test, test.  Unfortunately the previous sentence is completely accurate.  School has unfortunately picked up.  This upcoming week I have two projects and 2 test due on the same day.  Wish me luck, I need “A”s sent my way!

Exercise.  I have successfully conquered two weeks of exercise.  I am so proud of myself.  I really hope I can keep it up.  An exercising post will be coming y’alls way soon!

Phone.  My 64gb phone unfortunately hit full storage.  It might have to do with the 16000 or so pictures I had.  I am now down to 11000.  I do have all my pictures saved on my computer but for some reason I can’t bring myself to delete them from my phone. #firstworldproblems

The Bachelor.  Spoiler alert if you haven’t watched this weeks episode.  I’m really hoping that Ben takes Olivia’s rose away.  Like who makes a comment about Amanda being on teen mom?  She is crazy.

What are y’all plans this weekend?

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