Five on Friday


Feature.  I was featured here yesterday!  Be sure to check it out.


Valentine’s Day. Y’all I am SO excited about Valentine’s Day!  Cam and I have booked a hotel for Saturday night.  We are in much need of some time alone.  As of now the plans are a tex mex restaurant called Esparza’s.  We haven’t been before but are excited to try it out!  Then we plan on taking advantage of one of the hotel’s amenities, the indoor pool!  Then in the morning we are eating breakfast at the hotel.  After that we plan on doing something with Allison.  Any ideas?


School. Two tests down, an online test, a project and a report later I survived my own personal hell week.  Now I’m just hoping for good grades.  Like what type of twisted fate decided to have all this happen at once??


FitBit.  Wednesday I had a great workout.  I was so excited to see how many steps I had taken.  I was walking out of the studio.  I pull up my phone and open the app.  Nothing.  NOTHING WAS THERE.  My FitBit was on my wrist though.  I couldn’t figure out what was wrong.  I unfortunately left my Fibit on the charger.  I promise you, it felt like my whole work out was for nothing.  Well, I got over it and hopefully my FitBit will make it to the gym with me today!


TGIT. Scandal, Greys, and How to Get Away with Murder are back! Let me tell you, I have been excited about all these shows coming back since they went away.  Now I haven’t gotten a chance to catch up on all of them so no spoilers please. 🙂

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  1. I just started wearing my old Fitbit again (I lost it, bought a different one, found the old one, the new one got ran over…complicated history!) and I totally agree. I decided to start wearing it again on Wednesday, and I had to charge it so I didn’t get to start wearing it until around lunchtime and I felt like all my steps for the morning were pointless! And it’s embarrassing the first week you start using it because your weekly steps are so much lower than everyone else’s! Haha.

    I’m excited to watch Scandal! How awesome that you were featured too!

  2. I feel that same way about my Fitbit! Last week I dig through laundry at a spa to find mine, I was not loosing I’ve 80k of steps in a week, lol!!

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