About Me

Hi.  I’m Savannah.  I’m what you would stereotype as a typical girly girl.  I think shopping is my cardio, Starbucks a day keeps the doctor away, and that Panera is life.  I could honestly spend every weekend at the movie theater but who has the time for that?  But I mean, that popcorn, yum!  Really though I am more complex than that.  I like to think of myself as an intelligent person just might be lacking motivation at the moment… More on that later.  Sometimes I even think of myself as fashionable while other times its yogas or sweats for the win.  My life may be hectic and stressful even if brought on myself, I have my wonderful husband to keep me grounded.


I have been with the love of my life, Cameron, for over 5 years.  We started dating when we were only 16 years old in high school.  Funny story.  I had liked him for most, if not all of my sophomore year.  But me being me, no way was I ever going to make a move.  Then one day he took my phone and added his number in mine.  I know, smooth.  Well we texted pretty frequently from then on.  Well then summer before junior year came and Cameron finally asked me out.  I said no.  Why did I say no you ask?  Well because really I had already made plans that I couldn’t cancel.  So I told him sorry I can’t I’m busy.   We continued to text but then all the sudden got cold on me.  I honesty just though he had lost interest in me.  Well towards the end of the summer I reached back out to him.  I started flirting with him.  I could tell he was confused.  Turns out he thought I lied and just said I was busy because I didn’t want to go out with him.  Funny, right?  Well about 3 years later we got engaged!


It was really the most perfect proposal ever.  We were at the most magical place on earth.  DISNEY.  Me thinking I was a Disney Princess and all just made it that much better. The proposal took place at the Magic Kingdom next to Cinderella’s wishing well.

You can find engagement pictures here.


A little under a year later, we found out we were expecting a sweet baby.  I was especially excited when I found out we were having a girl!  I was thinking bows, tea parties, and disney princesses galore!  Oh and I cannot forget the pink nursery I was dying to design.  We were beyond excited.

Maternity Photos


I am now the mother to the most beautiful 2 year old little girl named Allison.  I know this might sound corny, but she really is the light of my life.  She’s constantly attached to my hip.  Really she is my mini me.

Newborn Photos

2 Years Old


Then on September 4, 2015, Cameron and I got hitched!  Our wedding was honestly more than I could have ever hoped for it.  It’s like it was a dream. Looking back on pictures and watching our wedding video I’m like “is this even real? “


For the now, I am in my last semester (woohoo) of my undergraduate degree to become an accountant.  Hoping that next semester I will get in to the graduate program so I can be CPA eligible.  Future, here we come!