Currently Lusting


one. These leopard print nike shoes are just too cute!  I love that the colors are neutral but it still features a print.  These shoes would match with practically any work out gear!

two. The FitBit band by Tory Burch is so perfect.  I love that it has the same clasp as a watch band and the snap that the traditional fitbit band has.  Currently I have the french bull black band with the watch clasp that is so much easier to put on.  I’m just ready for an upgrade that looks nicer when I’m wearing my everyday clothing.

three. The Tory Burch tote bag is absolutely gorgeous.  Lately I’ve been obsessed with Tory Burch (see number two) ever since I bought the junction riding boots.  I especially love the color of this bag because I feel like it can be worn for all seasons.  I also like that I has a divider pouch within the bag so things don’t get lost in there.

four. This geometric bathing suit is definitely a knock of Triangl bikini.  If you aren’t look to spend that pretty price tag on the real thing this is a great option.  They have other colors available online but this is one of my favorites!

five. I’ve totally been needing another pair of Hunters in my life and these hunter green ones are absolutely perfect.  A like the matte color over the gloss simply because I already have the pink pair in gloss.

six. These Nike shoes are super cute.  I love how the “check” is on the top of the shoe rather than on the side like most of the others.  I also like the pop of pink.  These come in a few other colors and I’m honestly not sure which one I like more.

seven. This v-neck from Old Navy is in it’s relaxed fit.  Personally the relaxed fit is my favorite compared to their fitted and boyfriend fits.  Fitted is too fitted and boyfriend looks like I ate 10 big macs.  Relaxed fit is a little looser but still fitted enough to where you still have a shape.

eight. I’ve been in the market for another watch and I think this one is perfect.  I already have a silver one and a gold one so I’ve really been watching a black one.  This one is especially cute because it’s five o’clock somewhere!

nine. These pjs are from Target.  They are literally the pjs from my dreams.  I wanted a black pair with shorts and a short sleeve button up top and these are exactly that.  They are also at a supper friendly price point!

ten.  This red shift dress from Old navy is adorable.  I love the way shift dresses fit.  Fitted but with plenty of room to breath.

bonus.  These AE white leggings need to be in my closet yesterday.  I’m in the market for new white pair of jeans and I’m sure these are just what I’m looking for!

What are y’all currently wishing was in your closet?

Mingle 240

Five on Friday

Essie. I absolutely love Essie nail polish but not so much the eight dollar price tag.  I mean its nail polish that is going to chip in at least a 5 day time frame.  Anyways, to the point, did you know that Essie nail polish gets clearances at Ulta? I used to go to Target and pay full price but not anymore!  I got three nail polishes for a $1.55 each! I read a blog recently (sorry I don’t remember whose) that gave this helpful hint and sure enough it is true.  Unfortunately for me, they had one that I had bought not too long ago, and I paid full price for it.

Womp womp.

essie nail polish

Making a Murderer. Finally finished watching this yesterday. I’m honestly in shock that Steve and Brendan are still in prison.  Personally I know that Brendan is not guilty and I can’t believe how the court has not given him another trial.  It is very evident that Brendan was repeatedly coerced into his confession.  As for Steve, I’m fairly sure he did not do it either.  Even if he did, his trial was unfair and there was not enough evidence to point to him actually committing the crime.  I also believe that the police did plant evidence on him because of the lawsuit he had against Manitowoc County.  If you haven’t watched it already, I highly suggest you do.  Do any of y’all have any netflix suggestions?

making a murderer

Turbo Kick. I have finally started exercising again. #motivated I’ve done turbo kick before but it has been far too long.  It really is my favorite type of group exercise class.  It is basically a choreographed dance with tons of kick boxing. Honestly after you take your class your going to feel dead and energized all at the same time but it is totally worth it.

turbo kick

Frozen.  Allison is definitely now on the Frozen bandwagon.  It’s “let it go” this, “Elsa” that.  Sometimes she just walks around singing let it go.   One morning she even woke up singing it.  She is seriously obsessed.  And honestly, I’m not even mad because of my love for Disney.  I could watch Disney princess movies all day and be perfectly content.  It is good to know Allison loves Frozen as much as I do.

frozen meme

The Bachelor. When is Ben going to open his eyes are realize that Olivia is crazy? Seriously who jumps out of a cake for their talent.  Oh and Olivia, he is not saving the best for last.  He just is starting to see through your act. From the looks of it though, I hope Olivia will finally get what is coming for her and get sent the door. #notmrshiggins #suckstosuck

the bachelor


The Details

Hi y’all! Featured here today are the little details through out my wedding.  All the reception decor and details will be featured in a separate post.  Weddings do not come cheap so I would definitely say a lot of the decor and details were DIY. The invitations, programs, and thank you cards were all designed by me.  They were definitely a labor of love.  I changed them about a hundred times but I’m fairly happy with the way the turned out.  But honestly I don’t think the invitations were every completely going to turn out the way I wanted.  I scoured pinterest, easy, and several invitation sites but never found what I was looking for and that is why I eventually settled on the idea to make them myself which also in the process saved some money.  I didn’t want to pay a bunch for an invitation suite I didn’t love.

Next my shoes.  I love the shoes I eventually picked out but it really was a journey getting there.  I originally wanted these Kate Spade gold sparkly bow heels but hubby gave me a no go on the $325 price tag.  I was all “but this is a once and a lifetime thing” and he was like “they are shoes.”  So then I ended up picking a blush pink sparkly heel from DSW.  I was really growing to love them.  I wore them in my bridals but then ended up returning them.  They were seriously uncomfortable and my foot kept sliding forward.  I ended up with the pair pictured purchased from DSW.  They were more comfortable than the other pair and fit right but they still didn’t make in to the reception.  After all the family photos I was ready to chunk the shoes out the window.  Cameron ended up caring my shoes in to the reception.



Last big thing is the guest book.  I created it by myself with engagement photos using shutter fly.  I had a coupon for a free book so I only ended up paying for shipping.  I love the way the guest book turned out.

Guest Book: Classic Wedding Guest Book

Shoes: Steve Madden (sold out)

Dress: Emma by Maggie Sottero

Pen: Hobby Lobby

“Please sign my guest book” sign: Hobby Lobby

“Love you” sign: Hobby Lobby

Garter: Hobby Lobby

Hanger: Ikea and DIY personalization

To Travel & Beyond

Allison’s Winter Onederland

Allison’s winter onederland took place in December of 2014.  I chose a light pink, silver and black color scheme.  All the printables were made by me.  Planning this party was so much fun for me.  I had been pinning since July.  I had the invitations made by August.  To say I was a little excited was an understatement.  The party really did go off without a hitch!  I wouldn’t have had it turn out any other way.
























Mingle 240

Five on Friday: Graduation Caps

I’m keeping it short and sweet for this five on friday.  Graduation is only four short months away so I’ve been obsessing over what I’m going to do with my graduation cap.  Personally I am leaning towards the last one.  The sparkles and big bow are right up my alley!  But then again wine is my drink.  A glass a day keeps the doctor away.



What are y’all’s opinions?







Allison honestly might freak out if I do Elsa.  She is honestly her favorite right now.  She goes around singing Let It Go all the time.  It really is the cutest thing.





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