Allison’s Newborn Photos

Babies definitely grow up fast.  I feel like it was only just yesterday when my sweet baby was still taking bottles and could just fall asleep in my arms.  I also remember waking up ever other hour… that part I don’t miss so much but honestly I wouldn’t trade it for the world.   Allison is growing up so quickly it is crazy.  All these moments are fleeting and I would do anything to have her cuddle up against me.  Now she just wiggles around and hardly ever just wants to cuddle.  Now everything is so fast paced.   My advice is to slow down and enjoy all the moments you can with your child, the dishes can wait.  All pictures were done by Laura Tye Photography.











Maternity Photos

Boy was my hair long then.  I can safely say I don’t miss it.  These pictures were taken in 2013.  I loved how they turned out.  I remember the day of these pictures like it was yesterday.  I had ordered the perfect cream colored shift dress from Asos ages ago.  As soon as I received it I put it in my closet and thats where it remained until the day of our pictures.  That morning I woke up refreshed thinking, well I probably should try on this dress.  I promise you, I thought I looked like a stuffed sausage.  This dress wasn’t going to make me look like all those beautiful mamas on Pinterest!  As soon as I realized this it was instant tears.  I couldn’t be photographed looking like this!  So Cameron wisked me away to motherhood maternity where I purchased the dress pictured.  I know, a bit dramatic but being pregnant with all the hormones I feel my freak out was sufficed.  I mean these pictures are forever.  The pictures were taken by our wonderful photographer, Laura Tye.











Love is in the Air – Valentine’s Day Gift Guide



kendra scott rayne necklace // hunter rain boots // kate spade watch // kate spade in rose jade // kendra scott elle earrings

All the things above are currently on my wish list.  I’m really hoping for the earrings though! Fingers crossed.  They really are calling my name! And ps, the Kate Spade purse is on sale!  I was torn between a red one or the pink one.  I think the pink one is perfect because its more veritable and can be used year round seasons wise.



nike shoes // apple watch // tom clancy’s rainbow six siege // super bowl 50 photo mint // acqua di gio by giorgio armani

All of these were hand picked by my husband. He personally uses the Giorgio Armani which I highly recommend. It smells great!  He is also obsessed with his Apple Watch.  He wanted it for the longest time and we finally pulled the trigger.  No regrets on that purchase!



hunter rain boots // lola and darla lovable // ruby blue head band // mickey mouse color wonder

Color Wonder products are seriously one of the greatest invention known to mamas… The first go with regular markers ended in disaster.  She literally had marker all over her body and clothes.  With these markers, she can only color on the special color wonder paper.  No more marker on tables, clothes, etc.  It really is the best thing ever.  Now I don’t stress out when Ally comes running saying “color mama, color, color, color mama!”

Allison is Two

These pictures were taken a few days after Allison turned 2.  It was honestly the most perfect day ever.  It was December 11th so I really had low expectations for the weather.  Being that we are in Texas, it was either going to be really hot or really cold.  There was no doubt in my mind that it was going to be frigid that day.  I was thinking pea coats, uggs, and toboggan weather but boy was I wrong.  The weather was completely perfect and all the gorgeous orange, brown and yellow leaves had just fallen off the trees.  I’m still seriously excited about how well these pictures turned out.  Oh, and Allison was the biggest grump that day and our photographer was able to capture smiles?!  I really am impressed with out photographer who we use for most of our sessions.  You can check her out at Laura Tye Photography.











About Me

Hi.  I’m Savannah.  I’m what you would stereotype as a typical girly girl.  I think shopping is my cardio, Starbucks a day keeps the doctor away, and that Panera is life.  I could honestly spend every weekend at the movie theater but who has the time for that?  But I mean, that popcorn, yum!  Really though I am more complex than that.  I like to think of myself as an intelligent person just might be lacking motivation at the moment… More on that later.  Sometimes I even think of myself as fashionable while other times its yogas or sweats for the win.  My life may be hectic and stressful even if brought on myself, I have my wonderful husband to keep me grounded.


I have been with the love of my life, Cameron, for over 5 years.  We started dating when we were only 16 years old in high school.  Funny story.  I had liked him for most, if not all of my sophomore year.  But me being me, no way was I ever going to make a move.  Then one day he took my phone and added his number in mine.  I know, smooth.  Well we texted pretty frequently from then on.  Well then summer before junior year came and Cameron finally asked me out.  I said no.  Why did I say no you ask?  Well because really I had already made plans that I couldn’t cancel.  So I told him sorry I can’t I’m busy.   We continued to text but then all the sudden got cold on me.  I honesty just though he had lost interest in me.  Well towards the end of the summer I reached back out to him.  I started flirting with him.  I could tell he was confused.  Turns out he thought I lied and just said I was busy because I didn’t want to go out with him.  Funny, right?  Well about 3 years later we got engaged!


It was really the most perfect proposal ever.  We were at the most magical place on earth.  DISNEY.  Me thinking I was a Disney Princess and all just made it that much better. The proposal took place at the Magic Kingdom next to Cinderella’s wishing well.


A little under a year later, we found out we were expecting a sweet baby.  I was especially excited when I found out we were having a girl!  I was thinking bows, tea parties, and disney princesses galore!  Oh and I cannot forget the pink nursery I was dying to design.  We were beyond excited.


I am now the mother to the most beautiful 2 year old little girl named Allison.  I know this might sound corny, but she really is the light of my life.  She’s constantly attached to my hip.  Really she is my mini me.


Then on September 4, 2015, Cameron and I got hitched!  Our wedding was honestly more than I could have ever hoped for it.  It’s like it was a dream. Looking back on pictures and watching our wedding video I’m like “is this even real? “

For the now, I am in my last semester (woohoo) of my undergraduate degree to become an accountant.  Hoping that next semester I will get in to the graduate program so I can be CPA eligible.  Future, here we come!

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